Cómo el copyright pretende que seamos tontos

Here are two words that have no business hanging out together: «used MP3s.» If you know anything about how computers work, that concept is intellectually offensive. Same goes for «ebook lending», «digital rental» and a host of other terms that have emerged from the content industries’ desperate scramble to do the impossible: adapt without changing.

These concepts are all completely imaginary, and yet we treat them as if they are real, and have serious discussions about every last detail of how they function — like a debate about the best mutant superpower, but with multimillion dollar lawsuits. Copyright necessitates that we all pretend we don’t know any better. It makes us act stupid.

The Copyright Lobotomy: How Intellectual Property Makes Us Pretend To Be Stupid, por Leigh Beadon en Techdirt. Todo el mundo tiene que leerlo.