Dinner with Jack Dorsey

We talk about Twitter everyday. We are those 24-hours users of Twitter, we imagine, we speculate, but what would you ask Jack Dorsey himself about his brainchild if he shared an evening with you?

Thanks to David who contacted me, last night we spent 6 hours talking about everything in the world about Twitter and the way it’s changing the communication on the internet.

Jack is an extremely nice guy. He’s 30 but at first glance he looks like 25. When he speaks, he does it calmly, and you can see that his mind is packed of clear ideas. Then you understand why Twitter is such a success.

He asks a lot of questions: how do I use twitter, how most Spaniards and Argentinians do, what is the cost of an SMS for us in Spain. I told him my updates via SMS were not working since last maintenance, and he immediatly sent a tweet (private channel, yes, they are testing channels) to his IT guy to report it. I thought it was a good ocassion to report all system down moments we had had and the feeling of our community. He wrote it down. Jack is someone who listens a lot.

We talked about what everybody worries about: the way Twitter can get money. There are several possibilities but they’d rather take their time to choose the best one. «Remember: one of the most difficult things is to say no», he said.

I told him I knew heavy users like me who would pay to get a stable system and unlimited updates via SMS and also some kind of stats (This is the post I told you about, Jack). It looks a bit more complicated from what he explained about the costs of receiving SMSs in Spain compared to other countries.

Jack had heard about the twittdays and wanted to know more about them. When we passed by «El Oso y el Madroño», he recognized the logo of the twittmad, and smiled. It was his first time in Madrid. In a speeding cab could show him a sleeping Madrid with no lights: the Cibeles goddess, the Gran Via and the Puerta de Alcalá before leaving him at the hotel.

Right now [updated 21 Feb] 907.078 twitterers as per Twittdir
[Updated 19 Mar] Jack posted a nice pic of us.

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