Los argentinos en el ZOOM Photo Festival 2014 ARGRA

Carlos Menem,


One of the biggest revelations of the 2014 edition of the festival was a retrospective of forty photographs from the archives of ARGRA, the Association of Argentine Photojournalists, founded in 1942. For its first exhibition outside of Argentina, the association, in partnership with Agence Stock Photo, a Quebec collective one of whose members, Caroline Hayeur, curated the exhibition, has chosen to focus on the 30 years of democracy in Argentina. One of the photojournalists on hand, Horacio Paone, a member of ARGRA for the past thirty years, was living in Montreal during the years of dictatorship. After several years spent in Nicaragua, Mexico and Canada, he decided to return to Argentina and to cover the beginning of this new historical era: democracy.

Foto: Pagni

via Canada : ZOOM Photo Festival 2014 ARGRA – The Eye of Photography.

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